Efficient Process Surface Sizing Agent JH-600 Meet End Use Paper Requirements

Efficient Process Surface Sizing Agent JH-600 Meet End Use Paper Requirements

Product Details:

Brand Name: JHDA
Certification: ISO9001;ISO14001
Model Number: JH-600

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1MT
Price: USD619-625/MT
Packaging Details: The package can be 200 Liters or 1000Liters drums.
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 6000TONS/M
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Detail Information

Appearance: Light Brown Liquid Application: It Is Widely Used In The Production Of Corrugated Paper ,paperboard,white Board Paper,craft Paper And Etc
Solid Content: 30±1% Keywords: Cationic Styrene Acrylic Surface Sizing Agent
Ionic Type: Cationic PackAge: Standard Export Seaworthy Packaging
PH: 2-5  Viscosity(25 ºC): ≤50mpa.s
Solubility :: Soluble Easily
High Light:

Cationic Type Surface Sizing Agent


Paper Requirements Surface Sizing Agent


Soluble Easily Surface Sizing Agent

Product Description

Surface Sizing Agent JH-600 Have Been Applied In To Assure An Efficient Process And Meet End-Use Paper Requiremts
Cationic styrene acrylic surface sizing agent(JH-600)

Surface sizing is a surface treatment whose main objective is to increase the bond between the fibers by filling the pores with a solution composed mainly by starch. This treatment is used to increase the surface resistance, stiffness and printability, and to control the hydrophilic character of the fibers.
The surface sizing solution is composed typically by starch, sizing agent, optical brightening agents (OBAs), salt and defoamers .
Starch is the main component of the solution and it acts as a binder to connect vessel segments and loose fibers at the surface. To be used properly, starch needs to be fully dissolved through the process of cooking. Afterward, starch has to be modified to keep its rheological properties and to be protected against retrogradation . Enzymatic or thermal conversion is usually practiced to manipulate the viscosity of the starch solution . On the other hand, the introduction of other functional groups through chemical modifications such as oxidation, esterification or nucleophilic substitution can give other properties to the starch .
Surface sizing agents are compounds containing hydrophobic groups that repel water molecules and prevent their absorption by the paper sheet. These agents, when combined with starch and applied to the paper surface, form a thin reticular film at the paper surface, impacting certain properties such as smoothness, surface resistance, and hydrophobicity .
For surface sizing, sizing agents can be cationic rosin, AKD or synthetic polymer compounds like co-styrene maleic anhydride or co-styrene-acrylate. While cation rosin and AKD are preferably applied at the wet end, syntenic polymer compounds were specially designed for surface sizing. Compared to the other available sizing agents, polymer compounds are extremely versatile and compatible with all types of starch, and in some cases, do not need defoamers .
To improve the optical properties of the paper surface, like brightness and whiteness, optical brightening agentsare usually applied in surface sizing. There are three types of OBAs used in the paper industry, all based on stilbene molecule. The difference between each one lies in the number of sulfonic substituents, which in turn affect their properties. In general, the whitening effect, solubility and price increase with the number of sulfonic substitutes, while the affinity to the fibers decreases.
Due to the current high-speed rate of production, together with the heat and friction between the paper and the metal parts of the machine, a favorable environment is created for static electricity to accumulate in the materials. This has serious risks such as production downtime or equipment damage. To overcome the problem is usual to add mono or divalent salt to improve the paper surface conductivity. The addition of a divalent salt, such as calcium chloride, further improves printing quality by enhancing the sharpness of colors on paper.
Defoamers are usually present on surface sizing solutions as a process chemical rather than a functional chemical. Foam is associated with operational problems, reduced efficiency and surface defects in surface treatments and must be controlled. Defoamers are sophisticated formulations made up of extremely waterinsoluble surfactants with the ability to spread rapidly to gas/liquid interfaces, destabilizing the foam lamellae previously stabilized by other surfactants .
Surface sizing performance is affected by the properties of the applied aqueous solution such as composition, viscosity or temperature, as well as the properties of the paper sheet such as weight, moisture content, porosity, surface energy, among others. These properties should be adequately controlled to ensure the desired absorption of the aqueous solution into the sheet

1.  Cationic styrene acrylic surface sizing agent(JH-600) brief introduction:


High-quality SAE surface sizing agent used in the paper industry.

Styrene-acrylic surface sizing agent is a new type of board paper product made by copolymerization of a variety of polymer materials. It can effectively combine with starch to give starch coatings good crosslinking strength and hydrophobic properties. It has the characteristics of small addition amount, low cost, good sizing effect and convenient use. This product is suitable for corrugated paper, cardboard paper, white board paper, and cow cardboard.
Surface sizing agent
Significantly improve the high water resistance and ring compressive strength of corrugated paper, cardboard paper and other papers.
Completely replace the use of internal sizing agent, no maturation period, not easy to return to moisture.
Can be used in conjunction with native starch to reduce the cost of sizing.
Excellent mechanical stability and produces less bubbles during operation.
More cost-effective

2. Main Specifications:

light brown liquid

Solid content


Viscosity(25 ºC)


Ionic Type


PH value



easilysoluble in water


Efficient Process Surface Sizing Agent JH-600 Meet End Use Paper Requirements 0

3. Characteristics:

3.1To improve the water-resistance&RCT significantly of corrugated paper,paperboard and etc.
3.2 To totally replace internal sizing agent,no need aging process and will not let paper get damp.
3.3Can be used together with starch so as to decrease the sizing cost.
3.4Have better mechanical stability and less resulted foams during production process.
4. Dosage&Usage tips:

4.1Dosage:1kg to 2kg per mt of paper
4.2 To add JH-611 directly and slowly into mixing tank after the temperature of gelatinized starch decrease to 75ºC.It can be used in sizing machine after it is evenly stirred.It can also be added contentiously via meter pulp into starch before the gelatinized starch is used in sizing machine.

5. Package&Storage:

The package is 200Liters or 1000Liters IBC drums.It should be stored in cool place.And avoid frozen or sunshine environment.The shelf life time is 6 months.


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