JHWB-1319 sludge wrapping recycling agent.

March 22, 2023

Latest company news about JHWB-1319 sludge wrapping recycling agent.

According to national requirements for energy conservation, environmental protection, and rational utilization of resources, our company has developed and produced the latest generation of papermaking sludge recycling product - JHWB-1319 sludge wrapping recycling agent.

Adding a sludge wrapping agent during the recycling process of papermaking sludge can effectively improve system retention, enhance sludge strength, incrementally reuse papermaking sludge, and achieve the goal of reducing or even zero sludge emissions, while ensuring product quality and production operation, in order to achieve better environmental and economic benefits.

Sludge coating agent is a polymer with high charge density, high relative molecular weight, and chemical synthesis. Its unique bridge chain structure allows sludge to generate high molecular cation branched chains, which can quickly bind and adsorb with pulp. The reacted cationic flocs quickly fill the gaps between crude fibers, giving it a strong affinity and generating new reactions, enhancing the mixing and matching of sludge and slurry, and allowing sludge to evenly fill the slurry, The uniformity of the paper sheet has been fully improved, significantly improving the folding and breaking resistance and ring pressure strength of the paper, improving water drainage performance, extending the service life of the woolen cloth, improving production efficiency, and reducing the environmental pressure of sewage treatment.


Pulp and paper enterprises produce a large amount of primary sludge, which contains a large amount of fiber and paper fillers. In order to reuse it, sludge can be divided into different grades based on fiber content, quality, and other indicators. Using sludge as an additive in the production of paper or paperboard can be widely used in the production of corrugated paper, cardboard, kraft cardboard, and other paper types based on the different levels of sludge.


In addition, this product can effectively improve the odor of paper caused by sludge and improve the quality of paper products in addition to meeting the requirements of resource reuse and using wrapping agents in the recycling of paper sludge.latest company news about JHWB-1319 sludge wrapping recycling agent.  0latest company news about JHWB-1319 sludge wrapping recycling agent.  1